Get Involved

Why Volunteer?

PGTV News Network as a non-profit is the perfect platform for anybody to learn, gain valuable work experience and allows them to network themselves. If you love to travel, talk, and have a passion for the exciting unknown then PGTV News Network may just be the place for you.


What kind of criteria do volunteers have to meet to work with PGTV?

Volunteering is a two way street. We believe it should benefit our volunteers first and foremost, and expand the volunteer’s experience and understanding. Volunteers have to be highly committed to service, flexible, and willing to cooperate and learn as part of a team.

What Opportunities are offered?

  • Journalist
  • Video Editor
  • Production Manager
  • Cameraman
  • Reporter
  • Blogger
  • News Anchor

How do I apply to volunteer?

First, fill out the contact us form enter volunteer in the subject and email it back to us. We’ll contact you and let you know whether we have a position for you to consider. For volunteers interested in long term placement (more than three months), we will arrange a screening meeting between you and PGTV’s Executive Producer, who will make any final decision about placement.