Villagers cry out to the Government of Belize about terrible road condition

In San Jose, villagers have to travel an extra 18 miles round trip to their home, due to the culverts not fixed, that was promised by the Prime minister and minister of National security, to date nothing has been done to fix the culverts. A group of young people have taken the lead to write to the Prime Minister asking for his intervention. A Copy of the letter can be seen at the PGTV office.

On the topic of terrible road conditions in the south, the villagers of Machakilha have reached out to PGTV pleading that we share their story. Arnaldo Putul stated through a Facebook post, since 1983 the people of Machakilha village has been suffering. Weather it may be life or death, health threatening or not, they have to travel through this road. Students travel from 2:30 AM through the mud and then take a two hours bus ride to school every day. Mr. Putul stated that the children of Machakilha will not give up because they are passionate about their education. Throughout the years the Government of Belize have made promises, stating to the villagers that their road would have been fixed. The Villagers of Machakilha are tired of being pushed around so they have taken up the act before the rainy season starts, and have started to build a makeshift bridge so the students, health workers, and villagers can travel through. They are still pleading to the Government of Belize to do something before the rainy season start; if nothing is done they will have to wait until next year dry season.