Cleaning up of Sargassum on Punta Gorda beach

During the past couple of weeks Sargassum a brown algae also known as (seaweed) have washed up on the beaches of Punta Gorda. There are numerous species of Sargassum that is distributed throughout the temperate and tropical oceans of the world, where they generally inhabit shallow water and coral reefs. There are many benefits to Sargassum they provide a food source, home, and shelter to an amazing variety of marine species. However, during the past couple of weeks there was an abundant of sargassum that have washed up on the beaches of Punta Gorda causing an unpleasant smell, sargassum also collects floating garbage that may pose a health or environmental risk, It can adversely affect tourism, decomposing in water can promote blooms of harmful bacteria / microbes; resulting in serious skin irritation and causing an unpleasant sight. On Tuesday April 3, 2018, the Punta Gorda Town Council along with the Department of Youth Services, community Policing Unit, Bone-Ville Community Church, OCEANA and Residents of Punta Gorda Town gathered together to do a beach clean-up. PGTV would like to thank Mayor Ashton McKenzie and team for making this a reality.