BPP says government should honor C.C.J ruling

Dean Barrow (Prime Minister)

Dean Barrow
(Prime Minister)

December 5, 2017. The Belize Progressive Party has issued a strong statement on government’s announced intention not to honor a debt judgment handed down by the Caribbean Court of Justice, the CCJ.

The statement says that the party, considers the current, unprecedented situation involving the Prime Minister’s “stubborn stance to defy the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice, a demonstration of not only his contempt for the supremacy of the judiciary,” but also :manifestation of the monster of a Prime Minister” that a corrupt system has created.

The BPP goes on to say that it “decries Prime Minister Barrow’s intransigence on what is fundamentally a matter of reason. His obstinacy clearly made an already undesirable situation, created by his predecessor, far worse, to the point where an original Government loan of $33.5 million has ballooned to an unthinkable $88 million owing to its Belize Bank creditors.”

The Belize Progressive Party reasons that after continued losses in various jurisdictions, with this final one coming by way of Belize’s final Court of Appeal, the CCJ, the Prime Minister has the audacity to attempt to exacerbate matters by purposefully attempting to cloud the issue as being one in which a vote in Parliament can mute the determination of the CCJ.

The BBP says that given the Prime Minister’s status as a Senior Counsel, he should be fully aware that such is not the case and therefore the ruling of the CCJ must be adhered to, for the legislature can never supersede the judiciary, in such matters.

The BBP statement ends by saying that the actions of the Prime Minister serve to reinforce the party’s position that, “Belize has and continues to suffer from a lack of sober leadership.”

The House of Representatives is scheduled to meet in Belmopan on Friday at which time it is expected that the CCJ ruling will be fully ventilated.

We will keep you posted.