New members for Belize Volleyball Association

New Volleyball Association executives

New Volleyball Association executives

Tuesday, November 28, 2017. New members have been elected to the board of the Belize Volleyball Association.

The election took place during the Association’s General Congress which was held at the Belize High School in Belize City.

Allan Sharp was elected as president and he is supported by vice presidents Ben Ramos in charge of District Association Development; Albert Humes responsible for National Teams Development; and Kelsey Balderamos responsible for Female Volleyball Development.

The Secretary General is Sherylee Young-Thurton, while Yemeri Reyes is the treasurer.

The Beach Commissioner is Martin Swasey, Technical Director is Gilliam Smith; Head of Referee and Officials is Khalid Encalada; Media relations officer is Nicole Solano. Francis Usher is a member, while Oscar Arnold is past president.

The new executive of the Belize Volleyball Association will serve for two years.

During Saturday’s General Congress reports from the different committees were presented and reflected what the association says covered the busiest two years of Belize Volleyball.