Oceana-Belize carries out cleanup campaign

Oceana-Belize Cleanup campaign

Oceana-Belize Cleanup campaign

Tuesday, November 14, 2017. On Saturday morning a cleanup campaign was carried out in the area of the Southern Highway fourteen and a half miles away from Punta Gorda town in what is known as the dump area.

The event was organized by Oceana-Belize.

Ironically, Saturday’s event lived up to the popular name for the area as the volunteers found that the area around the bus stops and surrounding areas was a virtual dump site.

Oceana-Belize Cleanup campaign

They collected a total of forty 55-gallon bags of garbage. As explained by Oceana-Belize’s Toledo Field Representative Raquel Mendez, almost fifty percent of the garbage that was picked up on Saturday was plastic bottles.

Saturday’s initiative was actually a suggestion of Beverly Cal, a resident from the neighboring village of Columbia.

Oceana-Belize strongly encourages Belizeans to take community initiatives like this one that was done on Saturday.

PGTV reminds the general public that it is everyone’s responsibility to properly dispose of their garbage.

Oceana-Belize cleanup campaign


Oceana Belize Cleanup campaign