Pacific Ocean storm expected to bring heavy rains over Toledo

Tropical Storm Selma [Courtesy NOAA]

Tropical Storm Selma
[Courtesy NOAA]

Friday, October 27, 2017. We normally prepare for tropical storms and hurricanes from the East that race across the Caribbean Sea.

But tonight a storm that is approaching from the south, more precisely from the Pacific Ocean, is likely to bring torrential rains over the Toledo district this weekend.

Tropical Storm Selma is approaching the Guatemala/El Salvador border and in advance of the storm’s arrival on the Central American mainland, moisture ahead of the system will give rise to unstable weather conditions over Belize, particularly the central and southern areas of the country.

T.S. Selma Expected landfall
[Courtesy NOAA]

Officials from NEMO and the Belize Weather Bureau say they do not expect Tropical Storm Selma to cross Belize.

But its proximity to the country will bring increased shower activity on Saturday and on Sunday.

An advisory issued by the National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO today calls on residents, particularly of the Toledo district “to be prepared for possible heavy rainfall and flash floods.”

Meanwhile, the broad area of low pressure that has been lingering offshore Nicaragua is showing signs of development.

It continues to move in a northerly direction and does not pose any threat to Belize at this time as most of the heavy winds and rains are on the eastern side of the system and well out to sea. It is expected to gradually turn to the north-east later this weekend.