P.G. police officers accused of extortion

Punta Gorda town police station

Punta Gorda town police station

Thursday, October 12, 2017. Punta Gorda businessman Joe Bejerano went public last week in a story first aired right here on PGTV, alleging that cops at the PG police station shook him down for $3,000.

The case of alleged extortion involves Bejerano’s detention at the end of August on suspicion of human trafficking.

This week, two police officers who are reportedly involved in the alleged extortion were charged; but PGTV notes that the charges levied against the officers do not come close to addressing the substantive claim of extortion.

Sergeant Sheira Nicholas and Constable Richard Dixon Polonio were brought up on Wednesday before a police tribunal on a charge of the Act to the Prejudice of Good Order and Discipline.

Sergeant Nicholas and P.C Dixon Polonio both plead not guilty.

They have been interdicted from active duty until the conclusion of the case against them.