Heavy rainfall expected from Tropical Storm Nate

Western Atlantic satellite [NOAA picture]

Western Atlantic satellite
[NOAA picture]

Thursday, October 5, 2017. The National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, says that the main threat to the country from Tropical Storm Nate is expected to be thunderstorms and heavy rainfall.

These, according to NEMO should continue to cause localized flooding of low-lying roads, bridges and other flood-prone areas around the country.

Tropical Storm Nate is carrying maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour and was located 550 miles south-east of Belize.

Tropical Storm Nate is moving in a north-westerly direction at 8 miles per hour.

NEMO says that “the current tract shows that the center of the storm in the warm waters off the coast of Belize. The stronger winds are expected to be east of Belize, over the sea.”