Kaina Martinez nominated for Woman of the Year award

Kaina Martinez [Courtesy NCAA}

Kaina Martinez
[Courtesy NCAA}

Wednesday, October 4, 2017. To paraphrase the well known Bible statement by Jesus Christ Himself: a superstar athlete is not without honor, except in her own country and among her own people.

Many believe that that sentiment surely fits with track and field superstar athlete Kaina Martinez.

Viewers will recall how she was overlooked for a prestigious spot on Belize’s Olympic team some years ago.

And while the shunning of the world class athlete by the local track and field family is still a sore subject for many, Kaina Martinez has handled the whole sordid affair with grace and poise.

That is why when it was announced this past weekend that Kaina Martinez is one of 9 finalists for the 2017 NCAA Woman of the Year Award, the news was met with much excitement.

Social media has been overflowing with congratulations for Martinez, wishing her well for the nomination and hoping that she will get the nod for the high award.

The Woman of the Year will be named at an awards dinner, scheduled for October 22 in Indianapolis, USA.

PGTV joins with the many other Belizeans at home and abroad in offering Congratulations Kaina Martinez on her nomination.