UDP Municipal Convention to be held on Sunday in P.G.

Ashton McKenzie [UDP Mayoral candidate]

Ashton McKenzie
[UDP Mayoral candidate]

Thursday, September 28, 2017. As most residents of Punta Gorda are aware, this Sunday will see the culmination of a hectic couple of months on the campaign trail for aspiring Municipal candidates for the United Democratic Party.

This has been a very interesting race because it pits the current Deputy Mayor, Ashton McKenzie against newcomer Christy Martinez.

The interesting aspect is that Martinez is nephew of UDP caretaker and three-time loser Eden Martinez.

PGTV understands that Eden is NOT supporting his nephew and he has reportedly pulled out every stop in his quest to see Christy lose.

Street works in PG
[Photo courtesy Ashton McKenzie]

Reliable but unconfirmed information to our news desk is that the caretaker had managed to have Central Government give the Town Council over $200,000 for street works before the elections.

What is now known is that the Deputy Mayor has convinced the powers that be, to send the money BEFORE the convention this Sunday.

What is even more frightening is that this money will be deposited into the Town Council’s account rather than channeled through the Ministry of Works who would have put the contracts out to tender and be able to oversee the scope of Works.

Having said that then, a number of questions arise.

Such as: what mechanisms will be put in place to ensure that the candidate spends ALL the monies on the streets and not use it for his own vote buying schemes? Who will be doing the street works? What is the scope of works? And what streets will be fixed?