Government promises relief from high fuel prices

King Energy Service Station [Punta Gorda town]

King Energy Service Station
[Punta Gorda town]

Thursday, September 28, 2017. Gas prices are extremely high.

Recent increases have Toledo residents paying the highest price for a gallon of fuel anywhere in the country.

A check at local gas stations show that in Punta Gorda, motorists are paying $12.16 per gallon for premium; $11.38 for regular gasoline and $9.89 for diesel.

Belizeans all over have been asking when they will get a break at the pumps.

The government sort of responded on Wednesday.

A government statement basically explained that a glitch in the supply from Venezuela forced them to source fuel products elsewhere, which pushed acquisition prices upward.

So how much longer will the soaring prices last?

According to government consumers will start to get relief with pump prices around the middle of next month.

That is when the next shipment of fuel under the re-established Petrocaribe program is expected to arrive in country.

Government has not said how much relief consumers can expect.

We know that politicians often make promises they do not keep, so we’ll keep following this story to see what becomes of the promised reduction in fuel prices.