Are PG residents being paid to switch loyalty?

UDP Municipal Slate {photo courtesy Ashton McKenzie]

UDP Municipal Slate
[photo courtesy Ashton McKenzie]

Thursday, September 28, 2017. Still on the political scene: PGTV has been reliably informed that numerous campaigners have been promised $200 per week to campaign, payable by this weekend.

We have also heard of families and groups of people from Hollywood/Nehi and Indianville areas are being promised between $200 and $400 to switch from Christy to Ashton.

Might this be where the street works money is being spent?

And furthermore, has the Ministry of Finance been bamboozled by the Caretaker and his candidate or are they part of the process to try and get Ashton elected?

Street repairs in PG
[Photo courtesy Ashton McKenzie]

In an era of austerity and sky high taxes, is this the most efficient way of getting money to fix our streets?

Everybody knows that PG Town Council has no experience or capacity to implement works of this nature.

So then, heading into Sunday’s UDP Municipal Convention, PGTV notes that Christy Martinez who was the underdog going into the convention, is now widely thought of to be victorious over Ashton.

The talk on the streets is that people are so fed up with Eden Martinez that they will vote for Christy to send a message to him through Ashton.

This, reportedly, has been the catalyst that made Eden’s camp push for the money to be disbursed by this Friday and for it to be channeled to the Town Council’s account.

PGTV will be closely monitoring this development.

PGTV will also be looking to see that the aggregates paid for, reportedly $100,000 worth, will indeed be deposited on the streets of PG.

And we will also be monitoring which company will be grading, filling and fixing said streets, drains and culverts.

The suffering people of Punta Gorda deserve no less.