Second annual Sarstoon Eco Challenge underway

Paddlers queue up [Barranco village]

Paddlers queue up
[Barranco village]

Saturday, September 16, 2017. Under a warm Saturday morning sun in the coastal village of Barranco, over two dozen paddlers queued for the second annual Sarstoon Eco Challenge.

After a brief opening ceremony which included the Belizean national anthem and a brief overview of the race rules by organizer Wil Maheia, the paddlers were off to Sarstoon Island.

The race featured competitors in the Canoe category; Kayak category and for the first time, a Female category.

It was a beautiful day, with calm sea condition at the start of the race.

Here are some snapshots from the start of the Sarstoon Eco Challenge.

Singing of the National Anthem

Paddlers sprinted out of the starting line

One of the female participants on the way to Sarstoon Island.

Spectators at the pier as the paddlers left for Sarstoon Island