Oldest paddler makes it slowly but surely to Sarstoon Island

Sarstoon Eco Challenge
[Barranco village]

Saturday, September 16, 2017. Among the participants of today’s Sarstoon Eco Challenge is 70 year old Francis Lino.

Along the way, Lino told reporters that he was taking his time and intends to finish the race.

Also making the trip to Sarstoon Island is a husband and wife team who intends to not only make it to Sarstoon Island but go around the island and finish at the Forward Operating Base.

But the first to Sarstoon Island on this Saturday morning were the paddlers from Cayo.

They were first to enter the Sarstoon and make it around Sarstoon Island.


Francis Lino {Eldest participant]

Husband and wife team of participants

Paddlers from Cayo in the lead.

The paddlers from Cayo are the first to enter the Sarstoon River and go around Sarstoon Island.