GAF military vessels attempts to intimidate paddlers at the Sarstoon

Guatemalan military vessel at the Sarstoon

Saturday, September 16, 2017. Guatemalan military vessels were out at the Sarstoon as the paddlers taking part in the Sarstoon Eco Challenge arrived.

Up to four GAF vessels were observes on the Sarstoon, well within Belize’s territorial waters.

The GAF vessels were attempting to intimidate the paddlers and at one point chases behind the service boat and the team of paddlers from Cayo as they entered the Sarstoon and went around Sarstoon Island.

This open act of aggression happened well within sight of the officers of the Belize Defence Force who were on duty at the Forward Operating Base.

Despite the attempts at intimidation by the GAF, the paddlers made their way to Sarstoon Island, and those who were required to, made the trip around the Island and back to the starting point.


GAF military vessel

GAF vessel in Belize’s territorial waters

GAF vessel

GAF vessel on the north side of Sarstoon Island, well within Belize’s territorial waters.