Garifuna Song Competition being planned

Battle of the Drums event
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017. The Battle of the Drums Secretariat of Punta Gorda Town, as part of it Garifuna Cultural Retrieval and Preservation, has conceptualized and will produce a National Garifuna Song Competition this year.

The competition is named, “The Belize Garifuna Song Competition.”

The main objectives are: To encourage Garifuna musicians to continue produce songs in all genres of Garifuna music, thereby contributing to the library of Garifuna music across many genres; To motivate musicians to produced quality Garifuna music that will be of world music standards; To provide a forum that will allow musicians to showcase their Garifuna music and possibly jump-start their career; To assist musicians in acquiring some of the skills and equipment and connecting with professionals in the music industry who will assist in propelling them to the pinnacle of world-class music production; To contribute to cultural tourism by attracting international musical enthusiasts to a competition and related events where music of world-class category is being promoted.

We will hear more about this National Garifuna Song Competition from the President of the Battle of the Drums in our next newscast.