PUP choses Carlos Galvez as their Mayoral candidate in PG

PUP Municipal Convention
(Photo courtesy People’s United Party)

Monday, August 21, 2017. On Sunday PG town people were all waiting patiently until the results of the PUP convention were in.

Those results came in shortly after five when it was revealed that the winner was Carlos “Obeah” Galvez.

Many in Toledo saw this as a major defeat for the area representative Michael Espat who reportedly wanted his chosen candidate Charles Selgado to win.

Unconfirmed reports are that Espat who is rarely seen in town was spotted in the Indianville area on Saturday making his rounds for Charles Selgado.

And while Mike Espat wanted Carlos Galvez to lose the man that wants to unseat Mike Espat is Ray Coleman.

Yesterday was a test for Ray because if his candidate Joe Sarge Martinez would have won then he could have emerged as PUP strong man in Toledo East but Sarge had a poor showing which did not bode well for Ray Coleman, the aspiring PUP Toledo East Candidate.

The only candidate that did not have partisan backing was Soria Roaches but she also lost.