Cacao forum will bring stakeholders together

Cacao forum planned
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017. The cacao industry is a fast growing economic indicator for the Toledo district.

The future of the industry will be focus of a one-day forum this week in San Pedro Columbia village.

Thursday’s event will bring together stakeholders for the first Belize Cacao and Agroforestry Forum.

According to a press release from the Ya’axche Conservation Trust, this week’s event will bring together cacao experts from government, the community and non-governmental organizations.

Since 2005, the Ya’axche Conservation Trust has been promoting, training and equipping farmers in southern Belize so that they can grow cacao.

One of the expected outcome of the forum is the compilation of data that will be submitted for inclusion in a regional cacao website.

The Belize Cacao and Agroforestry Forum will be held on Thursday.