Bishops withdraw from Church-State Commission

Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The Church-State Commission has suffered a slight setback as two of the leading members of the group withdrew last week.

Anglican Bishop Phillip Wight and Methodist Bishop Roosevelt Papouloute dropped out of the Commission on the eve of the submission of a report to the government in the wake of the landmark ruling by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, decriminalizing sodomy and other unnatural acts between consenting adults in private.

The National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB), has put out a statement on the withdrawal of the two Bishops saying that the group s saddened that after nine months of work they would choose to walk away at this time.

NEAB says that with Catholics and Evangelicals making up 68% of the population, there is a strong basis for the continuity of the Commission and completion of their assignment.

The NEAB statement ends by saying that the organization stands strong for Godly Family Values in Belize, as well as education protections, child protections and religious and moral protections guaranteed in our Constitution in addition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.