Kaina Martinez is “All-American” for the third time

Kaina Martinez

Tuesday, May 30, 2017. Using the general American definition as basis, Belizean track and field superstar Kaina Martinez was the best athlete in her sport for the 2017 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship.

On Saturday, Martinez helped her Texas A&M team to a 16 point finish, which saw the Belizean athlete post an 11.58 seconds time in the 100-meter dash (good enough for second place) and 24.10 seconds in the 200-meter dash (good enough for third place.)

Kaina’s team placed third in the 4×100 relay running a time of 44.98 seconds. According to JavelinaSports, the performance on Saturday meant that Kaina Martinez “walked away from the 2017 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships as a three-time All-American.”

Today, PGTV spoke via Facebook with Kaina Martinez and we offered her congratulations on her performance.