Crocodile killed on the banks of the Rio Grande

Crocodile killing on the Rio Grande

Saturday, May 27, 2017. Reports of people disturbing wildlife continue to emerge from rural Toledo district.

The latest incident is of a crocodile that was apparently captured and then tortured to death.

Crocodile tied up and left to die

The disturbing images, captured by a concerned farmer shows the decomposing carcass and evidence that the crocodile was tied up and just left to die on the banks of a canal on the Rio Grande.

Crocodile killed in Toledo

PGTV notes that this incident took place less than a mile from the ranger station for the Toledo Institute for Development and the Environment, TIDE.

It is the second incident involving the killing of a crocodile on the Rio Grande.

A few weeks ago, PGTV also reported on the killing of an Ocelot on a farm in the Big Falls village are of Toledo.