Huge turnout for Lascelle Martinez’ funeral

Funeral procession for Lascelle Martine

Friday, May 26, 2017. The funeral for slain Punta Gorda musician and artist Lascelle Martinez is by far one of the biggest we have witnessed in recent times in PG.

The celebration of the mass of thanksgiving for life of the charismatic Martinez took place at the St. Peter Claver Church and brought out friends and family from virtually all over the country.

But noticeably absent from the crowd were UDP party officials other than those from the PG Town Council.

Lascelle Martinez was undoubtedly an established artist and musician whose talent was appreciated by people all over the country, but we note that not even the Music ambassador made an appearance during the time of bereavement for the UDP caretaker’s son funeral.

The police manhunt meanwhile, continues for Simon Lino, the primary suspect in the murder of Lascelle Martinez. It is believe that Lino has absconded to Guatemala.