Farmers Expo promotes sustainable farming

Farmers Expo in Medina Bank on Sunday

Friday, May 26, 2017. The National Agriculture and Trade Show held at the end of April in Belmopan, showcased the efforts of farmers from around the country at the national level.

But an event taking place this weekend, will serve to put national attention on what farmers in the Maya Golden Landscape are doing to enhance agriculture production while at the same time helping Mother Nature to regenerate itself.

The annual Farmers Expo, an initiative of the Ya’axche Conservation Turst, will take place on Sunday in Medina Bank village along the Southern Highway.

On a recent edition of the Current Affairs program Talk Ah The Town, Maximilliano Caal from Ya’axche explained why the expo is being held.

A number of activities will take place as part of the Farmers Expo, including a bicycle race along the Southern Highway.

First prize for the bicycle race is five hundred dollars; second place gets three hundred dollars and third place walks away with two hundred dollars.

The Farmer’s Expo kicks off at nine o’clock on Sunday morning. The event is designed to promote harmony between nature and human development for the benefit of both.