Armed robbery on the Southern Highway

Swasey Bridge {Photo: Google Earth}

Tuesday, May 23, 2017. A Good Samaritan in the Toledo district became the victim of an armed robbery on Monday morning.

60 year old Mercedes de Jesus Madril, a resident of Trio village, was enroute to Bella Vista village around 10:15 am on Monday, when he stopped for a man who seemed to be a hitchhiker.

De Jesus Madril says that he had just crossed the Swasey Bridge when he pulled over thinking that man who signaled him wanted a ride.

But when the Ford Ranger he was driving came to stop, another man carrying a sawed-off shotgun emerged from the bushes.

Swasey Bridge
{Photo: Google Earth}

The duo proceeded to relieve De Jesus Madril of his wallet, which they emptied, taking away $340 and then discarding the wallet.

De Jesus Madril made a split-second decision and grabbed the shotgun and a struggle ensured ruing which the shotgun went off.

No one was injured when the shotgun went off, but the shot pierced a hole in the roof of the vehicle.

The robbers then made a quick escape on a motorcycle, leaving Mercedes De Jesus Madril shaken.

He then called the police for assistance.

Investigations continue.