PG Town Council proposes fees for logging trucks

Boom Creek Road

Punta Gorda Town. May 8, 2017. The temperature is rising between loggers traversing Punta Gorda town and the administrators of the municipality.

The issue at hand is the proposed imposition of a fee of between $100 and $250 for logging trucks from Boom Creek that pass through Punta Gorda town.

PGTV has obtained a copy of the letters that is addressed to loggers but actually handed to the drivers at the end of last week.

Today, PGTV saw a traffic checkpoint on the Boom Creek road heading into town, even as loggers and truck drivers sought meetings with PG Town Council officials to see if they could resolve the issue, because, they say the fee is just too steep for them.

As for the imposition of the fee, PGTV has done some fact-checking and we have not found any legislation under which the PG Town Council is authorized to impose such fees on truckers and loggers.

Perhaps the authority for the fee is covered by Statutory Instrument issued in Belmopan, but that we are not sure has been issued.

In fact, when we checked with two past Mayors of PG, they confirmed that the Mayor does not have the authority to impose fees on trucks passing through the town.

According to the letter we have seen, the fee was proposed at $250, but the Mayor has offered to reduce it to $100.

PGTV will continue to monitor this story and will have a follow up report in our next newscast.