Political parties call for sacking of Foreign Minister

Wil Maheia

Wilfred Elrington
Minister of Foreign Affairs

March 23, 2017. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has done it again.

In an interview aired on Belize City-based media this week, Elrignton made a statement that left most Belizeans with their mouth open and shaking their head in disbelief.

Elrington’s incredible statement boldly asserts that Belize’s maritime boarders are non-existent.

In fact, a transcript of the interview given by Elrington has him saying, “we don’t have any maritime borders agreed upon in the sea.”

Well the main opposition People’s United Party, (PUP) has come out swinging against Elrington, calling it unbelievable that the man who heads negotiations with Guatemala over that country’s unfounded claim to over half of Belize’s territory is seemingly unaware that Belize’s maritime borders are established.

Wil Maheia

The PUP has fact-checked Foreign Minister Elrington and found that Elrington either does not know or is ignoring the fact that Belize’s maritime borders are described in and are enshrined in the Constitution of Belize.

Our borders, according to the PUP, are also clearly defined in the Maritime Areas Act and duly recognized and respected internationally, including by Guatemala.

The PUP is calling on the Prime Minister, who is Elrington’s boss, to either reprimand the Foreign Minister for his public utterances or to remove him from the post of Foreign Minister.

The Belize Progressive Party has joined in condemning Elrington for his statement to the Belize City-based media earlier this week.

Wil Maheia is the Deputy Leader of the BPP.