Guatemalans busted fishing illegally in Port Honduras Marine Reserve

Illegal Fishing in Belizean Waters

Illegal Fishing in Belizean Waters

February 27, 2017. Illegal fishing continues to be a problem in Belize’s southern waters.

It is a situation that PGTV continues to highlight because it is a detriment to our natural resources.

Tonight we must tip our hats to rangers from Port Honduras Marine Reserve and Belize National Coast Guard who caught three Guatemalans carrying out illegal activities within the marine protected area.

Gill Nets confiscated

The three Guatemalans were not only inside of Belize’s territorial waters illegally, but they were illegally setting Gill Nets.

The bust of the illegal Guatemalan fishermen happened around two o’clock on this morning and the Rangers, who are employed by the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment, TIDE, didn’t turn a blind eye and quickly summoned the PG Police for assistance.

Illegal fisheries

The three Guatemalan fishermen and their illegal fishing gear were taken into custody and brought to PG to face the full fury of Belize’s fisheries legislation.

Illegal Gill Nets

An official report on this morning’s incident has not yet been provided but PGTV understands that over a thousand feet of Gill Nets were confiscated.

Three Guatemalan men have been charged with various fisheries violations.