Burglary in Hicatee village

Pedro Pop

February 13, 2017. While Punta Gorda police are investigating Sunday morning’s armed robbery at at the business establishment of Thomas Tate in Big Falls village, investigators are also looking into a burglary in nearby Hicatee village.

According to Pedro Pop, sometime between 11:30 pm on Saturday and 6:30 am on Sunday, someone broke into his house and stole an assortment of items including a laptop, jewelry and clothes.

Pop says that the burglar gained entry to his house by using a step ladder that was set up on the wall of the kitchen to climb through an opening at the top.

Pop has since made a report to PG police and listed the stolen items as a Shindaiwa Week Eater, an Acer brand Laptop computer, an assortment of jewelry, clothes, a pair of tennis shoes and his wallet containing his personal documents and $300 in cash.

Pedro Pop is appealing to the general public, especially residents of his home village of Hicatee or nearby Big Falls, not to purchase any of the stolen items and instead to call the police immediate to report anyone trying to sell the stolen items.

Pop says a reward is being offered for anyone who provided information to the authorities that leads to the arrest and conviction of the burglar.

Pedro Pop can be reached at telephone number 650-7827.