Expect good weather the next couple of days

Fair weather conditions prevail

February 11, 2017. Friday’s inclement weather gave way to a beautiful sunrise this Saturday morning.

There is a moderate easterly airflow that is supporting mainly fair weather this weekend.

Today will be sunny with some cloudy spells. Tonight will be partly cloudy.

Winds are easterly at between 10 and 20 knots.

The sea state is choppy to moderate. High temperatures today will peak at 84 degrees Fahrenheit in Punta Gorda; 88 degrees Fahrenheit in Mafredi village and 74 degrees Fahrenheit in Pueblo Viejo village.

Tonight the temperatures will fall to a low of 77 along the coast; 70 inland and 63 degrees Fahrenheit up at the higher elevations.

Tides are high at 10:50 am, low at 4:16 pm and high again at 10:34 pm. Sunset today is at 5:53 pm.

Sunrise on Sunday is at 6:21 am.

The extended forecast through to Monday is for mainly fair weather with only isolated showers.