PM promises culverts for San Jose road

San Jose road

January 30, 2017. San Jose villagers has been suffering for more than a decade now because shortly after they had put in a road to the village the rains came and washed out the culverts.

That made the road going into the village from Santa Cruz impassible for vehicles so villagers had to walk some two miles to get home to their village.

Well after years and years and promises and promises last Friday the area representative for Toledo West Oscar Requena brought it up in the House of Representative and finally this time the Prime Minister himself promised to deliver the two culverts, so that the road can be fixed and once again open to vehicular traffic.

In the past every areas representative and the Minister of Public Works and even the current Minister of Defence had promised these people their culverts but so far nothing has happened.

Now the Prime Minister himself has promised to deliver the culverts.

We here at PGTV along with San Jose villagers will be following this story closely.