Monkey River fishermen upset about alleged illegal fishing

Dan Castellanos

January 30, 2017. Fishing and fishing grounds have become a real problem in Belize over the past few years.

As a result managed access came into play.

Managed access is suppose to protect the ground for its local fishermen but somehow corruption seems to have penetrated this very new idea as Monkey River fishermen taught their grounds were secured.

But when they found out a bunch of “out of town” fishermen mostly of Guatemalan origin facilitated by two or three Belizeans showed up in their village to fish, they got irate.

Channel 7 and PGTV traveled to Monkey River to see firsthand the situation and when we arrived this is what we saw fishermen gathered in the area getting ready to go to work for the day.

PGTV spoke to Dan Castellanos a Monkey River fisherman who told us more.

We also spoke to the leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers Wil Maheia who also commented on the situation.