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  • Micky Garcia, world class boxer from the United States is here in PG to do community March 21, 2018
    Normally he would be out training or doing interviews for A US television station but last week he was not doing any of that he was in PG doing missionary work. We are talking about internationally known world famous boxer Micky Garcia who was in PG. [ click link to view full interview]
  • Protest for Justice for our babies was held in Punta Gorda town, March 21, 2018
    For several weeks now there have been numerous cases where our babies have been abused. During these past weeks each district has been uniting to protest for a change. Community members of all backgrounds, especially the youth, have been expressing concern, which is evident on the various social media platforms. On Thursday March 15th, 2018, […]
  • The Belize Electricity Ltd (BEL) donates to the University of Belize, Toledo campus March 21, 2018
    Last Tuesday, March 13, 2018 The Belize electricity Ltd (BEL) gave a generous donation to the University of Belize, Toledo Campus. They transported and planted 4 utility poles at the designated area- periphery of the basketball court. Their next objective is to pressure wash and paint the poles with the (UB color). The University of […]
  • Women’s group from the Chicago area donates to a family in need March 21, 2018
    Some months ago, a story was posted by Patrick Jones about a family in Toledo with three children with Cerebral Palsy. This story caught the attention of many, but one group in particular from the Chicago area was touched by this story and organized a food and household item drive. PGTV went to visit the […]
  • International Dominoes Competition was a huge Success March 21, 2018
    The sixth (6th) annual international friendly dominoes competition was held in Punta Gorda Town over the Baron Bliss holiday weekend featuring Cerro PG dominoes club from Belize, the host team and Livingston Labuga dominoes team, the visiting team from Guatemala. The event was held at Olympics Bar & Grill. The end results from the two […]