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  • Special Olympics fun run was a huge success April 16, 2018
    On Saturday April 14th participants from various institutions, organizations and some residents from Punta Gorda Town gathered at the PG Central Park for the Special Olympics Fun Run which kicked off a little after 6AM. The objective of the fun run was to fund-raise and bring awareness to the public about children with disabilities. Check PGTV Vimeo out for more details.
  • Guatemalan Referendum yields low voter turnout April 16, 2018
    Yesterday Belizean’s from all over the world were glued to their Face Book pages and other social media outlets monitoring the referendum in Guatemala which asked the Guatemalans if they would like to take Guatemala’s unfounded claim to Belize to the International Court of Justice for a final settlement.  The turnout at the polls in Guatemala […]
  • Illegal logging in Boom Creek Area April 16, 2018
    During the dry season PGTV office is usually flooded with calls pertaining to illegal logging taking place in the Toledo District. Yesterday we received several calls of illegal logging taking place in the Boom Creek area; PGTV went to the scene and saw several loggers going in and out of the area. PGTV is trying […]
  • Punta Gorda Mayor dismiss 10 individuals from the Punta Gorda Town Council April 16, 2018
    PGTV office received many calls from residents voicing their outrage at the firing of ten people from the Punta Gorda Town Council. Callers are saying once again the PG people have been fooled. Less than a month after the swearing in of the UDP council, the jobs of ten employees, who have work at the […]
  • Dos Amigos Dental and Medical Missions here in Belize to do Medical work April 16, 2018
    For over two decades, Dos Amigos Dental and Medical Missions have traveled to the remote areas of Belize to offer compassionate care and vital medicines. Dental and medical care is often not continually available in the villages. They are volunteers committed to providing treatment, medications and encouragement to the wonderful people of Belize. The mission […]